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Fast and Easy Method (one-stop packing and shipping) Take your records to one of the hundreds of professional shipping stores throughout Canada. They will do the best job of packing and protection. The fee they charge is affordable, considering the time you save and the convenience of a professional packing job. These are some of the shipping outlets we are familiar with in our area - The UPS Store (This is the old Mailbox Etc... Stores) They are many of these located in just about every    areas. - The FedEx Store (This is the old Kinko's Stores) While not as many of these, they are just about   everywhere in major urban areas. The Classic : Double Box Do it Yourself Method Put the records in the first box 14" x 14" x 4" size will do Use filler to make sure that the records will stay stacked and will not shift in transit. Close and tape the first box. Put this box in a second larger box. 18" x 18" size will do Use filler on all sides in such a way that the inner box does not directly touch the outer box. This method will protect your recordings from shocks and punctures. Write on all sides of the package " FRAGILE Musical Recordings DO NOT DROP" Enclose an itemized list of the recording. Most Office Supply stores have stock of various size boxes, bubble wrap and popcorn materials. A good packing material is to do up a batch of popcorn to use as a filler. It's inexpensive and environment friendly.