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Once your records arrive at our office, we carefully inspect each LP to see what kind of shape it's in. We play each record once to determine it's recording quality.  We then thoroughly clean each record. Please note that minor scratches will probably not be noticeable once recorded. We can't do anything about deep scratches. If the scratches are too bad, we won't record that particular song or side. (it doesn't do our needle any good to hit deep scratches every 15 seconds or so)  We then record each side of an LP in one pass. By default, 45's are done one side at a time.  We play your records on our Numark TT200 turntable with a Stanton Needle controlled by a preamp mixer. The mixer allows us adjust the output depending on the quality of the recording so that the maximum quality is captured by our special recording software.  Depending on the results of our initial inspection, we apply special filters to remove most tics and noise during this process. There is however no guarantee that we can remove every imperfections from the tracks. Remember, garbage in, garbage out.  We mark the tracks and produce a digital file of each track.  If you have ordered a copy of the CD made to MP3, we then produce MP3 files of each track.  The next step is to record the tracks on a CD and produce the label. We then pack and ship your records and CD's.